Wrap Cars Prices In Dallas

Wrap Cars Prices In Dallas

Car Wrap Cost

Car wraps serve different purposes; a business owner may use it to advertise his product, services or event. Some other person may simply want to give his car a new look. Car wraps can completely change the look of your car. Whatever reason you have for wanting to apply a car wrap, the cost is an important consideration.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car?

Well, the car wrap cost is determined by factors such as:

The Size of The Car: Bigger cars cost more to wrap because the larger surface area means that more vinyl will be needed to wrap the car.

The Shape of The Car: More curves and bumps mean you have to pay more because curves are more difficult to wrap than flat surfaces. The time required to finish wrapping a curvy car is longer than for a car with sharper edges.
Whether You Are Wrapping the Whole Car or Just a Part of the Car: Partial wraps will cost you less of course. A car roof wrap typically costs less than other types of partial wraps because roofs are flatter and usually do not require the removal of any fitting before installation.

The Type of Vinyl You Prefer: Custom designed wraps cost more than pre-cured wraps. The style or finishing that you prefer also counts. You’ll pay less getting a pre-cured vinyl “wrap off the shelf’ than opting for a custom design which needs to be digitally printed. Since car wraps come from different manufacturers and suppliers, prices vary from brand to brand.

Who’s Applying the Car Wrap? You may be able to shave off some dollars off your car wrap cost if you have the skill and experience to do it yourself.
Bulk Car Wrap: You are likely to get a discount for wrapping more than one car with the same design. This works for companies or businesses that want to brand their cars.

As you can see, the cost of wrapping your car depends on several variables and you can only reach a decision after you’ve made up your mind as to what you really want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Custom Car Wrap Vs Custom Paint Job

Now, let’s examine the reasons why you may be better off with a custom car wrap than painting your car. Many folks love to have their cars customized to create that look of uniqueness and class, and this used to mean getting a paint job which can drill a huge hole in the pocket. With car wraps, however, you can have any design you desire at the fraction of what it would have cost you to paint.

Not only does custom car wrap cost you less money, the time it takes for it to be applied is significantly less. A paint job will require your car being disassembled, sanded, and prepared for coating before the first coating is applied and so on.

Then, there is the advantage of durability, ease of maintenance and higher resale value that a custom wrapping adds to your car.

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