About RolArt Wraps

The Best Rated Commercial Vehicle Wrap Company In Dallas, Texas


RolArt Wraps is a one-stop vehicle wrapping company located in Irving, Texas, dedicated to providing premium vinyl wraps and graphics for all type of vehicles. Established in 2010, we are known as Texas’ most reputable car wrap company.  At RolArt Wraps, we pride ourselves on the expertise and experience of our personnel, made up of professional designers and wrap installers with over a decade experience in the industry, and are always willing to work with you to come up with your dream car wrap design.  At RolArt Wraps we do more than just wrapping of vehicles, we are a one-stop facility, with services covering great design, high-quality material printing and perfect installation of wraps, which will not only be fancy to look at but also serve all of their marketing and advertisement purposes, appropriately helping grow your business. We have an unwavering pursuit of perfection in all services, and we continually strive to deliver over and above our clients’ expectations within the time constraints, no matter their budget

Mission Statement
At RolArt Wraps, all our car wrap services are backed by a solemn promise. A promise to develop and deliver superior wrap services, correctly priced to meet all our customers’ needs, while maintaining maximum profitability on investments.

Commitment to Excellence 
At RolArt Wraps, our commitment is to the delivery of quality services covering from the initial inquiry and planning to the wrap installation stages, and we will be on hand after the provision of services to help solve all your vehicle wrap problems. To achieve this, we plan to:· Maintain the highest level of quality assurance;· Always pay close attention to our clients’ requirements;· Employ innovative and creative technology in our product development and installment. We will continually strive to create better ways of doing business, and we will not rest on our accomplishments, but rather keep building on them in our personal and professional journey to being the best in our industry.