Truck Wraps – Vehicle Wraps – Commercial Wraps in The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

At RolArt Wraps we do our best to answer every question our customers have about Truck Wraps , Vehicle Wraps , Commercial Wraps and any product or service we offer in The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

What is vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap is a custom made laminated vinyl sticker, designed and printed to be installed on the body of the vehicle, usually for the purpose of advertisement. It could be a partial wrap, which covers some part of the vehicle, or a full wrap, in which case, the vinyl sticker is applied to cover all part of the vehicle perfectly such that it looks like paint, although unlike the custom paint job, it is easier to remove.

How is a vehicle wrap designed?
The RolArt Wraps team is made up of professional designers and wrap installers with over a decade experience in the industry. The process of wrapping a vehicle begins with the design process. Here, our team of designers will work with the client to come up with his or her dream car-design, which will not only be fancy to look at but also serve all of its advertisement purposes and appropriately generate sales. After the design has been completed and the client is 100% satisfied, it is sent in for printing.

How are vehicle wraps printed?
At RolArt Wraps, we make use of modern and advanced printing systems to ensure accurate transfer of all parts of designs in terms of color schemes, resolution, and realistic imagery.

How are vehicles wrapped?
The installation stage is the most delicate and high-touch in any car-wrapping task. At RolArt Wraps, we pride ourselves in the expertise and experience of our installers.
No installation is simple; we take all our wrapping tasks as complex and always aim to achieve perfect applications to the vehicles.

Where is the vehicle wrap installation performed?
Our main onsite installation facility and headquarter office are located close together in Irvin, Texas. We also have access to other facilities in the other major cities.

Are car wraps applied to windows?
The rear window and rear sides can also be wrapped if the client wants. RolArt Wraps has a special perforated vinyl material, which will permit vision when used for the wrapping of windows.

If the company information changes can they be replaced on the vehicle wrap?
Yes. RolArt Wraps can change company information (logo, address, phone numbers, etc.) on any part of the wrap by redesigning, printing and installing to overlay the old information.

Can a car wrap be removed?
Yes! The wrap can be de-installed, but if not done properly can damage the vehicle’s original paint job. At RolArt Wraps we have the expertise and equipment to cleanly remove the wrap without affecting the vehicle’s paint. Our wrap removal program will help you save money by not having to re-paint your car after the wrap has been removed.

Will the car wrap damage my paint?
No. At RolArt Wraps we apply wraps correctly and also remove cleanly in a manner that is non-destructive to your car’s OEM paint. As such, car wraps when installed by RolArt Wraps can been seen as a protective covering for the paint.

Is there a guarantee on the vehicle wrap?
At RolArt Wraps, we offer a full one-year warranty on all wrapped vehicles, covering initial deterioration. So contact us as soon as you notice the vinyl peeling off.

Will you pay me to drive my car with someone else’s advertising?
No. We design, print and wrap vehicles for businesses that want to advertise through vehicles. We are not advertisement brokers and we do not run a database of drivers for advertisements.

Can a leased vehicle be you wrapped?
Yes. There are no restrictions against wrapping a leased vehicle, since the wrap can be removed, when the lease is over, without damaging the vehicle.

How long will a vinyl wrap last on my vehicle?
Under careful treatment and light pressure washing, RolArt Wraps’s vinyl car wraps will last at least 5 years, and may even outlast the vehicle.

How do I care for my car wrap?
Hand washing is recommended for wrapped vehicles. Try as much as possible to avoid high-pressure washing and do not use an ice-scraper on the wrapped vehicle. Rear defrosters can be used; also light brushing of the windows will not damage the window wrap.

How long does it take to wrap a car?
The installation period depends on the size and type of the vehicle as well as intricacies of the wrap process. However, a full wrap will normally be completed within 5 business days. Estimation will be given you when you apply for the installation process.