Custom Food Truck Wrap

Food trucks are rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for workers and hungry students in cities across the country. You’ve got a lot of busy businessmen and students who require a fast way to eat on the go. In this case, food trucks are perfect for them. Food trucks are a business. It relies on brand recognition. With the help of wraps on food trucks, hundreds of people will know your presence with little more than a glance.

A food truck wrap is essentially a huge vinyl sticker. It bonds and covers to your truck’s body. At, we have installed vinyl wraps carefully to fit your truck and made with large format printers.

How is Our Food Truck Wrap Applied?
Our food truck wraps are applied in three phases:

  1. Creation of food truck wrap design
    Designing a wrap is the first step for your food truck. In that case, when you have already an established brand design then you can use brand styles, colors and logo elements for your food truck design. You also don’t need to worry about in that case when you don’t have any kind of established design. We have a team of graphic designers who can help you. In this process, our experts take the proper measurement for your food truck to ensure that your wrap will fit properly.
  1. Printing and Production
    In order to protect the vinyl, your food truck wrap graphic is laminated and printed. In order to protect the wrap against UV rays and abrasions, the vinyl wrap requires being laminated which can erode and fade the wrap over time.
  1. Wrap Installation
    In the last step, we apply the vinyl wrap to your food truck. It is essential that you have specialized food truck wrap installers helping you. Using experienced and professional wrap installers will result in a sleek and smooth looking wrap without wrinkles and bubbles. At, you can get a satisfactory service about your food truck wraps because here, you’ll find professionals with a lot of experience.

Our wraps come in several pieces with special sections cut out to fit perfectly around fenders, windows, and rivets. Large food trucks can be quite complicated with their odd-shaped edges and parts. It is very important to have food wrap installers and quality designers working with you to prevent any bubbles, creases or the application areas of misshapen.

Advantages of Our Wraps

  • Top quality vinyl that does not warp, crack or peel
  • Professional graphics implementation and design
  • Expert installation that is wrinkle and bubble free is one of the best companies in the business of wraps. We only rely on high materials. When you consider a wrap for your food truck, you must look for something which will keep and which will last its original look. We have wrapped so many food trucks with custom lettering and vinyl graphics. We were chosen time after time by food truck companies. So contact us, if you are looking to get your food truck wrapped.

Food Truck Wraps Portfolio

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