Testimonials from our customers show that we are committed to delivering excellent results, but the best way to learn about RolArt Car Wraps is to place your custom vehicle wrap order today.

“We need our storefront decals made to impress and get customers attention, RolArt hit the bull’s eye. Great job fellows! ”

Cindy. J – Dallas, TX

“Among my friends, I’m the only one who actually tried this wrap thing on my 2006 RV. I was hesitant at first thinking I might not like the result and that it would be a total waste of money. But I’m so happy I had my RV wrap. Now my friends are also considering getting one.”

Jerry. V – Dallas, TX

“We used RolArt through recommendation to supply and fit 16 trucks for our company in Plano. The project ran over a 9 week period each batch of trucks was branded as they arrived on site. The RolArt team was prompt, courteous and extremely professional in managing the project from start to finish. We are very happy with the work done.”

Marco. J – Fort Worth, TX

“We’ve been considering wrapping our work truck for a while now, finally done it after seeing one of our competitors do it. The service was exceptional! The guys who handled our truck were friendly, the service was fast and the price was reasonable. Definitely promoting these guys to my friends! Good job Rolart!”

Mike. D – Denton, TX

“WOW!!! Our van looks fantastic, we requested a full vehicle wrap on our Hummer, we were looking for something attractive and vibrant and I believe you exceeded our expectations. It is fantastic everyone has commented on it. Keep up the good work, I would certainly recommend your business to anyone.”

Dianne. R – Flower Mound, TX

“Ever since I got my car wrap, I get constant compliments not just from friends but even from strangers adoring the work done on my car. You guys are really making your customers happy!”

Jeff. W – Dallas, TX

“I feel compelled to write to the team at RolArt as you constantly exceed my expectations with your professional service.”

Jon. E Richardson, TX

“I didn’t quite understand how the whole thing works at first but the guys from Rolart gave me options and got me involved with the whole process my 350z looks amazing. Thank you Rolart! You guys are awesome.”

Suan. W – Irving, TX

“In simple terms, RolArt, have continually delivered quality work at a competitive price and have developed a working relationship that been really beneficial for all of us. Why would you not want to work with a business like that?” Dallas has many choices for companies to wrap your automobiles, we choose RolArt.”

Mark. W- Dallas, TX

“After talking and getting quotes from different companies that did wraps on vehicles we choose RolArt. Their design was exactly what we wanted and the pricing was competitive. I have used them to complete 14 vehicles over the past 2 years and look forward to working with them as we purchase new vehicles. Without a doubt, I will continue to recommend their business.” We are building another truck in the near future and we’ll definitely be calling Absolute Perfection.”

Jeff. M- Hurst, TX

“People still tell us that they’ve ‘spotted or cool van driving down 635’, which means our Van’s’ are delivering our message.”

Roger. R- Dallas, TX

“We had a speedy response in design. They were more than willing to work with us on customizing the design of your vehicle. RolArt did a great job and had fair prices. We will be back for other business items soon.”

Many. T – Denton, TX

“Working with RolArt was a great experience. The design team always does a wonderful job, followed through with everything we talked about, and didn’t have any hidden costs at all. It has always been exactly how they said it was going to be. I have used them to complete 14 vehicles over the past 2 years and look forward to working with them as we purchase new vehicles. Without a doubt ,I will continue to recommend their business.”

John. S – Plano, TX

“This was a great experience! Lucent wrapped my 7 Series, and the car looks fantastic. The owner Edmund was super cool and extremely efficient. This was the first car I’ve had wrapped, and I can’t imagine the results being any better. My buddy recommended this place, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Albert. R – Richardson, TX

“I would recommend the services of RolArt to anyone considering having a vehicle wrapped in Dallas Texas. I am delighted with the product and its faultless application by the team. My RV looks amazing and new.”

Jeral. D- Plano, TX