Car Wrap Texas: An Easy Way To Give New Life To Your Car

Whether it’s because the sun, acid rain or any other weather agent already deteriorated the tone and shine of your car paint, or you simply want to change its aesthetic appearance, car wrapping is a quick and economical alternative you can choose, rather than opting for a painting work.

How it works
Car wrapping uses vinyl stickers. Vinyl is an adhesive plastic that can be molded and has two ways of application. It can be printed, using a plotter, practically any design to later paste it on the vehicle (usually this technique is used to label advertising). In the second application the vinyl has a full color catalog, as well as different types of finishes to cover the entire car: glossy, matt, carbon fiber type, etc. that will be put entirely into your own car.

The graphic designer will design the look and your vision for your car wrap. It will then be printed and pasted to your car. Lining a complete car takes about two days..

One of the disadvantages of vinyl is that for its placement it is necessary that the body does not present imperfections such as bumps or deep scratches, otherwise the vinyl will adopt its shape and the deformation will be visible to the naked eye. If you are looking for a perfect finish the body would have to be worked beforehand in case you need it.

Once the vinyl is adhered to the body, it does not require more maintenance than washing the car normally, as if the vinyl did not exist, even if over time it began to lose shine or light scratches appeared, it can be waxed in the same way a normal paint job and with the same products.

Do not forget
If you are planning to have one, our first recommendation is that as much as possible the work should be done by a car vinyl wrap specialist because this practice needs expertise and experience. In addition to a wide space to work and specific tool for its placement, a heat gun, mainly to mold it to the shape of the surface in which it is going to be installed, it is the labor that requires time and creativity that will finish the look.

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